Aaahhh crosstabs, the backbone of the Market Research industry. They're all the same, aren't they? Nope! We guarantee that we'll do them better, faster and cheaper than anybody else. This is our bread and butter. We not only check them from a mathematical perspective, but from a logical view as well. We'll tell you if something looks funky or doesn't make sense. We'll help you develop banners and summaries that are prudent and insightful. Stat Testing, Sig Testing, Trailerized Data, Tracking. Yeah, we've got that. Output you ask? How about Word, Word-Perfect, Excel, HTML, RTF and Flat ASCII just to name a few. Tables: every client wants them, every supplier does them, but NOBODY does it like us. Call our bluff and find out for yourself. We're waiting on your call for an immediate price quote. You'll never be disappointed! We promise.


Speed. Accuracy. Cost. These are the three keys to successful data entry. Our punchers rack up a pace of over 4000 strokes per hour. We take great pride in our verified 99% accuracy level. And cost? Forget about it. You can't beat us! So go ahead, turn that mountain of surveys into pure, unadulterated, usable data. Now comes the cool part. In which format would you like it? We can provide virtually any data format in existence. From fixed width to 360 column binary to SPSS to UNCLE to DBase to Reverse 1130 to EDF to Excel to Access... need I go on? The bottom line is that If you want to turn your grunt work into GREAT work, pick up that phone!


Mail surveys, now they can be a real hassle. Not any more! We take care of everything for you, start to finish. Our professional form designers will work directly with you to turn your survey into a keenly crafted, concise work of art, guaranteeing a form which will impress your respondents and increase the rate of return. Next, we'll send you the proofs of the actual printed form in it's final distribution state to make sure there are no additional tweaks you may desire. Then we print 'em, mail 'em, and have the returns sent directly back to our office in postage-paid envelopes. Lastly, use our other services to complete the extraction, data entry, coding, tabulation, graphing, databasing and even custom software design to turn that glorious compilation of data into something you can really sink your teeth into. Our extensive experience in this arena ensures your prices stay low and that YOUR deadline is OUR deadline, period. Whether you're looking for 500 or even 500,000 mail outs, let us take the work off your hands so that you can get back to concentrating on your real business: impressing clients!


Tables are great...for analysts. Graphs get the point across simply and precisely to your larger audience. Put a ream of paper in front of your client and prepare yourself for the traditional ho-hum, 'where did my money go?' response. Now, with a little help from CIDR Systems, dazzle them with presentation ready graphics, sit back, and let them heap on the praise for a job well done! Turn drab presentations and reports into colorful, eye-popping, MEANINGFUL show-stoppers. Want to take it a step further? Check out our INTERACTIVE graphing capabilities in the 'Custom Programming' folder. Better yet, give us a call right now and we'll explain it to you personally!


Let us relieve your coding burden. Our insightful and experienced staff can make short work of your most intensive coding needs. Would you rather have the verbatim responses transcribed? Our coders double as incredibly accurate 90 word per minute typists, ensuring that your costs stay low. We have no 'trained monkeys' here. Our coders will read and UNDERSTAND what the respondent was trying to say and get the true meaning across to you. Don't go out like this poor lady, call us today!

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