Everybody's talking about it. Few are doing it. And even less are getting the desired results. Believe me, we've seen a lot of data come through these doors that were collected on 'the web' and it hasn't been pretty. From skip patterns gone wild, to indecipherable data, to unqualified respondents, you have to be careful. Now that I've told you the bad news, perk up because we've figured it out! Our on-line interviewing methods are un-matched. If you can program it for CATI, you can program it for the web. No more ugly 'fill-in-the-blank' style forms and no more wacky data formats. Pre-qualified respondents, password protection and data encryption guarantee viable results.


Make sure your socks are pulled up 'cause we're about to knock 'em off! How many times have you wished there was an easier way to collect, analyze and report your data? Now there is. We'll design proprietary custom software specifically for YOU! Sound expensive? Think again. Using the power of Microsoft Access, we can develop intensive software applications at 1/4 the price you'd expect. Our INTERACTIVE data collection and data reporting systems are beyond belief. We're so confident in the 'wow' factor associated with these programs, we've staked our NAME on it. Have you ever wanted to graph your entire survey at the touch of a button? Now you can. Like how the graphs look based to total? How about graphing it at will to ANY split of the data just as easily! Tired of wading through reams of typed verbatims to find what you're looking for? We make it so you pick and choose electronically and then view the results on your desktop in seconds. Like what you see? Then print 'em out. What could be easier? Look, we don't have enough space in 10 pages to explain how cool this stuff really is. Go to our movies page and see for yourself. Then ride the revolutionary wave to your phone and make that call!


There's nothing more frustrating than a pile of data and no way to use it effectively. Problem solved. Send us your data and we'll whip it into shape, and fast! Got a giant customer list with incomplete, incorrect, or duplicate data? That's where we step in. We've been cleaning up ugly data from day one. How about data stored in 5 different formats on 5 different media? You just can't stump us. We'll send you back a single cohesive database that you can use! Designing a new database? Let us help out. We know the most effective ways to store, retrieve, analyze and report data for any purpose. Do you really need the headache? Take two aspirin and call us in the morning.


Not sure EXACTLY what you want? Put our 25 years of Market Research experience to work for you. We can help you define project goals, design concise surveys and implement cost-effective solutions which will garner the most bang for your buck. When you've been doing this for as long as we have, it simply becomes second-nature. Besides, a second set of eyes and fresh 'outside' ideas can never be a bad thing. We have designed data collection and reporting methods that our clients never dreamed of. C'mon, make your life easy and give us a call.

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